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Taking freelance challenges to the stage at Vivid Ideas 2017

In 2015, Hacking Happiness took ‘the myth of worklife balance in a get ahead culture’ to the stage at Vivid Ideas. We were atop the city with a glorious view with the likes of Beyond Blue, Gen Baijan from the University of Sydney, Sarah de Graaf from the Mind and Movement Centre and of course, Hacking Happiness. A lot has changed yet remained the same in that time. Rebekah is

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Whatever happened to being content?

Earn more, sell more, have a greater impact, reach a wider audience, make more sales, be more profitable, enjoy more success, diversify, convert more enquiries, have it all, and reach your potential. These are the modern catch phrases gaining most of the airplay in small business, freelancing and solo entrepreneurship. You too can learn to stay ahead of the competition, keep up with the fast-paced world, increase your visibility and

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Workplace balance: Avoid plodding along and overstretching in equal measure

Doing the same thing over and over is OK for some people. It is definitely not OK for others. Our motivation can wane if we constantly do work we can do easily. It makes for a less fulfilling work day. This is what workplace balance is all about. So what can you do to up the ante? Within your workplace, you can identify ways to take on extra tasks or

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How to stay motivated (when you really aren’t)

Whether you’re working for someone at a white collar job or you’re shuffling on the coil of self-employment, everyone has times where the motivation ebbs and flows. Sometimes, this lack of motivation may signal you need a change of the holiday or new job variety. But what can you do if changing jobs at this particular point in time isn’t an option and the holidays aren’t really touching the sides?

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Self-care for the self employed: A Sydney event wrap up

What do you get when you cross a yoga marketer with a former dating community manager? Probably one of the most unusual approaches to freelance and self employed workshops you can find. But this is exactly what took place in Sydney on February 6th to a group of self-employed freelancers and small business owners. It was called “Self-care for the self employed” – and it attracted freelance writers, designers and

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Spotting a decent business workshop in a crowded market

Welcome to 2015. Every freelancer, their dog, neighbour across the road and guy who delivers toilet paper (go who gives a crap!) has a great idea for a business workshop. As the individual who is investing your hard earned cash into your education (not to mention the time taken away from your business), how do you know you should choose one business workshop over another? Well, you don’t. Until you get there

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