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Want to be better at work? Seek out grounding experiences

You can always recognise a freelancer, small business owner or office worker who doesn’t have an awful lot going on outside work. They’re often too serious about the work. They also have higher levels of stress and are more difficult to work with. Work may be too high a priority as other things fall by the wayside. Their perspective becomes skewed. Work becomes far more valuable to identity than it ought

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How to deal with work related apathy

Work related apathy is a normal and natural part of our working existence. No matter how much you like working, no one is immune from work related apathy. Where it becomes problematic is when we ignore work related apathy and the warning signs. When we push through the feeling of not wanting to, we may get into a groove later. It’s still not something we should take for granted. When you work for

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Achieving worklife balance with the help of misery

We are in the midst of a cultural war on misery. Yet achieving worklife balance may depend on us recognising the virtue of dissatisfaction and unhappiness when it comes to progress. From blogs that glorify the busyness and always-on productivity, to courses that people spend thousands of dollars on to scale up some kind of pay-as-you-go enlightenment, we have a thriving mood-economy gorging on our desire to acquire a permanent

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