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Workplace balance: Avoid plodding along and overstretching in equal measure

Doing the same thing over and over is OK for some people. It is definitely not OK for others. Our motivation can wane if we constantly do work we can do easily. It makes for a less fulfilling work day. This is what workplace balance is all about. So what can you do to up the ante? Within your workplace, you can identify ways to take on extra tasks or

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A freelancer’s 3-step guide to ongoing happiness

This is a blog about finding my daily happy. I’m not talking about singing on hillsides in the middle of the day kind of happy. I mean more joy, than not. More contentment, than not. More smiling, than not. And it’s not entirely for selfish reasons that I’m doing this. Self-care is good for business. I assume you’re a little interested because you’re here, reading. First, I want to share

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Self-care for the self-employed and the double-edged sword of popularity

It was over a year and a half ago that I approached Brook with a kernel of an idea. That idea was to help some of my clients who were feeling the pinch of stress and long hours. I saw a genuine need for self-care for the self-employed. I could see through the Freelance Jungle countless of freelancers, small business owners and solopreneurs who were struggling. Many came with the

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Get Stuff Done (without burning out)

Are you ready to get on a roll? Excited about making 2015 your year? Ready to stop thinking and start acting? Here’s our definite guide to Getting Stuff Done. Saying no Saying no is essential to saying yes. Too often, we over-stuff our business plans, new years resolutions, vision boards and set our expectations sky high with every dream we can imagine. We say yes to things not because they’re

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Shaking off the shackles of the creative blues

There is a gift and a curse with being a creative person. It’s called the creative blues. You feel that sense of wanting to move forward so keenly you simply can’t sit still. You are always looking for the next victory, the next thing to stimulate you. Your head is constantly whirring and trying to make sense of the world. Such is the challenge of the  creative blues. There’s always the

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The Busyness Curse: Are you busy or are you faking it?

Busyness in business is becoming increasingly popular. We’ve defined ourselves so much by productivity, we’re even putting our physical and mental health at risk. But under that cloak of activity can lie a deeper problem. And that problem is confusing having things to do with the things we should actually be putting our energy into. Here’s a guide to seeing if you are actually busy or if you are being

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