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Taking freelance challenges to the stage at Vivid Ideas 2017

In 2015, Hacking Happiness took ‘the myth of worklife balance in a get ahead culture’ to the stage at Vivid Ideas. We were atop the city with a glorious view with the likes of Beyond Blue, Gen Baijan from the University of Sydney, Sarah de Graaf from the Mind and Movement Centre and of course, Hacking Happiness. A lot has changed yet remained the same in that time. Rebekah is

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Discover the art of finishing

  Before I discovered the art of finishing, I realised I didn’t value weekends. I wasn’t taking holidays. I mean real holidays where the laptop gathers dust and life gets your proper attention. Being someone who loves creating in the digital space, I found my laptop was like a cigarette. I didn’t want it anymore and the fun had gone away. But there I was, day after day, chasing some

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Analysis paralysis and the melancholy of choice

Analysis paralysis is becoming a real problem. We’re so taken with opportunity, we fear making a choice. Losing what may be in favour of what you choose can start to hurt. It breeds melancholia. And it eventually takes that plethora of choice away. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Humans are not designed to cope with more than 4 options at any given time. Yet we crave choice.

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Productivity articles minus the dawn wakeup call? Yes, it can be done

Have you noticed every second productivity article wants you bouncing out of bed at 5am? Early mornings are great for getting things done.  However, not everyone is designed for the early morning wake up. Some of us don’t have the lives where a 5am wake up is possible due to family, work commitments and our own natural biorhythms. I know I don’t. Years of working evening and night shift taught me a

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When you suck at taking days off

There’s a big part of me that dreams of weekends, holidays and furloughs. Today (apparently) is the first day of taking days off. I’ve chosen to take 3 days off in front of a weekend. It’ll be the longest break I have had since moving house and the longest non-committal break in 3 years. Yet here I am. I am once again back at the computer and writing. Because ladies

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Work-life balance advice for busy professionals

Brainmates co-founder Adrienne Tan is a former work client and friend of Hacking Happiness co-founder, Rebekah Lambert (that’s me!). Adrienne has a highly successful Vivid Ideas event last year and always has her finger on the pulse of the busy Australian product manager. I caught up with Adrienne to ask about work-life balance in the Australian product management landscape. Check out the interview! It has some great pearls of wisdom

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