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Damn you and your online happiness

Online happiness is difficult for many of us to swallow. That person with the picture perfect life. That old friend who seems to have all the Twitter luck. The Facebook relative who gently taps away at the foundations of what you thought you had. All by simply by being there in front of you. Ah social media, why do you get everyone’s knickers in a twist? From conspiracies about the

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Online and over exposed: are we inviting the wolf to dinner?

The online world gives us an amazing ability. It allows us to bypass the traditional publishing gateways and move our own content online. From artist to business person, educator to entrepreneur, people of all kinds are creating the kinds of careers they want. PR and exposure is now freely available. But are we paying a high price for this exquisite online democracy? Does living in public have a downside? Instead

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It’s not the internet’s fault you’re unhappy

Watching a few notable people run screaming from the internet recently has been slightly bemusing. I get it. Those of us who connected to social media on a regular basis are often in danger of spreading ourselves too thin. There is an addictive side to the internet where comments, likes and shares become something to covet. They begin to tickle that side of us that wants to be appreciated. It can translate into

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