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When your mind fights against you: The mind on migraines

As someone who spends a stupid amount of time dealing with migraines, I have also done an amazing amount of reading and study on the subject. Most of it has to help get rid of the problem, to prevent triggers and so on. But ever curious, I have also looked at the notable stories around the problem. One such story is that Lewis Carroll was plagued with migraines. In the

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Looking for a working life with meaning

When seeking happiness in our working life, it’s easy to be swept up in the culture of passionate employment. To look at the memes about working hard and believing in your dreams and that’s it- success assured. Yet most Australian workers enjoy far less flexibility, financial incentive and freedom than what the idea of passionate employment allows for. Our relationship with work is changing. We are asking more of work than

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4 simple ways to reduce stress

You can understand why stress reduction is such a hot topic. Stress is difficult to deal with. It can sap your energy and make you doubt yourself. Left unchecked for an extended period, it can cause you to feel anxious, fatigued and drained. And even invite physical and mental ill-health. But you might not always be able to walk away from a stressful situation. But you can experiment with techniques

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Productivity articles and other forms of self-inflicted stress

Sometimes it feels as though the minute we start creating, the world gets in the way. But have you ever wondered how much self-inflicted stress you’re soaking up? How many productivity articles or fancy new ideas might be tripping you up? What we do to ourselves sometimes in the name of career, entrepreneurship and work is counter-intuitive to getting the job done. There’s that desire to make money or a

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Imposter syndrome: Another way of saying this isn’t exactly rocket science?

Social scientists defined Imposter Syndrome in the 1970’s. It referred to that dreadfully unnerving feeling of being unable to internalise success. Some of us have a difficult time accepting our accomplishments. Some to the point where we feel fraudulent. Imposter Syndrome has been linked to the self doubt of high achievers. It’s found itself nestling in the bosom of shame. But no matter where it resides, it comes from the eerie feeling

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Online and over exposed: are we inviting the wolf to dinner?

The online world gives us an amazing ability. It allows us to bypass the traditional publishing gateways and move our own content online. From artist to business person, educator to entrepreneur, people of all kinds are creating the kinds of careers they want. PR and exposure is now freely available. But are we paying a high price for this exquisite online democracy? Does living in public have a downside? Instead

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