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The line between business you and your creative pursuits

How many times do you hear about people who choose a certain job in order to balance their creative ventures? And how many of them end up in the shifting sands of business and lose the time they hoped they would have gained? Should you let your dream winnow down into nothingness for the sake of self preservation of the financial kind? Surely there has to be a balance, right?

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Following your passion versus solving a problem

There’s an entire industry geared towards promoting the idea of following your passion. From self help books through to online affirmations, personal development courses and discovery retreats, we teeter in breathless anticipation of the next best guru to come along and tell us how work can make us happy. And yet, following your passion is one dimensional. If you hold it up to the light of criticism and critique, you

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Achieving worklife balance with the help of misery

We are in the midst of a cultural war on misery. Yet achieving worklife balance may depend on us recognising the virtue of dissatisfaction and unhappiness when it comes to progress. From blogs that glorify the busyness and always-on productivity, to courses that people spend thousands of dollars on to scale up some kind of pay-as-you-go enlightenment, we have a thriving mood-economy gorging on our desire to acquire a permanent

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Social Change Events

Welcome to the Hacking Happiness social change events page. Part of the goal of Hacking Happiness is to bring like-minded people together to bust what it means to be successful down to size and explore the art of true contentment. We’re bringing people together to talk about happiness, why it doesn’t measure up currently, and to reclaim it for ourselves. If this sounds like fun, pop along! We run all

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