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Work related suicide in Australia

You commit to work for financial reward and the satisfaction of a job well done. Yet it’s estimated 1 in 5 Australians who suicide do so because of their working environment according to Suicide Prevention Australia. How can we possibly be making people so miserable at work that suicide seems like the only option? And what can we do to lower such scary statistics? Work related suicide: a snap shot Nationally,

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Is it OK to tell people to harden up?

Commentary on social media, news articles and forums is always problematic. You’ve got people who are invested in loving or hating the content delivery agent. Topics of all kinds get people more than a little hot under the collar. And of course you’ve got trolls, personal bias and the odd drunkard to contend with. But increasingly, there is one phrase that is spilling into conversations online that is problematic. And it

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Analysis paralysis and the melancholy of choice

Analysis paralysis is becoming a real problem. We’re so taken with opportunity, we fear making a choice. Losing what may be in favour of what you choose can start to hurt. It breeds melancholia. And it eventually takes that plethora of choice away. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Humans are not designed to cope with more than 4 options at any given time. Yet we crave choice.

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Resilience as a learned concept

There are a lot of people in this world who, for whatever reason, have depleted levels of resilience. You may not have been filled with a bucket of load and enthusiasm as a kid. Or you may have been, only to have life slowly tip the contents on the floor. It sucks to lose resilience for any reason because it’s like the padding against the blows of life. However, you

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Mental health and yoga

In this guest blog by Sarah de Graaff, we look at mental health and yoga and the relationship between the two. Yoga asks us to be whole. It cultivates an awareness of the interconnection in all things. And that’s why I run a studio that promotes mental health in yoga – because health is about accepting all parts of yourself, regardless of how they are labeled by others. Stigma is

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When dreams are crushing you, where can you turn?

The conversation no one seems to want to have is the link between burn out and our desire to conquer the world. I think it’s really easy to be caught up in the idea that if someone else can do something, you can too. There are so many small business people, startup entrepreneurs and freelancers looking eagerly to peers for advice. You see those amazing things the other person does

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