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Taking freelance challenges to the stage at Vivid Ideas 2017

In 2015, Hacking Happiness took ‘the myth of worklife balance in a get ahead culture’ to the stage at Vivid Ideas. We were atop the city with a glorious view with the likes of Beyond Blue, Gen Baijan from the University of Sydney, Sarah de Graaf from the Mind and Movement Centre and of course, Hacking Happiness. A lot has changed yet remained the same in that time. Rebekah is

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A freelancer’s 3-step guide to ongoing happiness

This is a blog about finding my daily happy. I’m not talking about singing on hillsides in the middle of the day kind of happy. I mean more joy, than not. More contentment, than not. More smiling, than not. And it’s not entirely for selfish reasons that I’m doing this. Self-care is good for business. I assume you’re a little interested because you’re here, reading. First, I want to share

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