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How to deal with work related apathy

Work related apathy is a normal and natural part of our working existence. No matter how much you like working, no one is immune from work related apathy. Where it becomes problematic is when we ignore work related apathy and the warning signs. When we push through the feeling of not wanting to, we may get into a groove later. It’s still not something we should take for granted. When you work for

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Don’t get run over by New Year’s resolutions

There’s trip hop playing in the background. Cockatoos are complaining loudly about their feathers receiving a drenching. Social media is full of pithy memes and crying faces as many Australians head back to work after the holidays. The bigger, faster, louder clan who have their plans. There are the ones who will conquer the lessons of last year and make their mark. In amongst that, is the gripping reluctance to recognise

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Screw perfection: Have the courage to love your own garbage

Messy, tacky and awkward is pretty much how we could sum up life. Yet how many of us are brave enough to acknowledge this fact? What if we held aloft a magic sword and screamed to the midday sun: “Screw perfection! I’m out. You’re unobtainable. Take a hike, you tantalisingly unrealistic bastard.”  The pursuit of perfection drives us to some pretty dark places. It takes us away from the jobs

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Imposter syndrome: Another way of saying this isn’t exactly rocket science?

Social scientists defined Imposter Syndrome in the 1970’s. It referred to that dreadfully unnerving feeling of being unable to internalise success. Some of us have a difficult time accepting our accomplishments. Some to the point where we feel fraudulent. Imposter Syndrome has been linked to the self doubt of high achievers. It’s found itself nestling in the bosom of shame. But no matter where it resides, it comes from the eerie feeling

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Confusing a life for a product is dangerous

It’s trendy to sell the idea of the life you lead instead a product. Business coaches, bloggers, wantpreneurs- they often frame their business experience as “this is what I did and you can do it to.” There are people who don’t know what they want buying the idea of a life in lieu of a business. Instead, they’re buying the idea of being entrepreneurial by following this lead. It’s infectious. It’s quite flattering to

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Productivity articles minus the dawn wakeup call? Yes, it can be done

Have you noticed every second productivity article wants you bouncing out of bed at 5am? Early mornings are great for getting things done.  However, not everyone is designed for the early morning wake up. Some of us don’t have the lives where a 5am wake up is possible due to family, work commitments and our own natural biorhythms. I know I don’t. Years of working evening and night shift taught me a

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