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Want to be better at work? Seek out grounding experiences

You can always recognise a freelancer, small business owner or office worker who doesn’t have an awful lot going on outside work. They’re often too serious about the work. They also have higher levels of stress and are more difficult to work with. Work may be too high a priority as other things fall by the wayside. Their perspective becomes skewed. Work becomes far more valuable to identity than it ought

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Looking for a working life with meaning

When seeking happiness in our working life, it’s easy to be swept up in the culture of passionate employment. To look at the memes about working hard and believing in your dreams and that’s it- success assured. Yet most Australian workers enjoy far less flexibility, financial incentive and freedom than what the idea of passionate employment allows for. Our relationship with work is changing. We are asking more of work than

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Getting undone by your own ambition in the brave you world

The web is amazing. Its gives us the ability to self publish. It’s made our abilities and our talents visible through blogs and websites. Through social media, we can reach out to almost anyone. We can create a following. And be someone inspiring to a total stranger. But we’re also seeing a negative side to this. Where the world was a frontier and the enabled could move, we’ve shifted the goal posts.

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Work hard. Play hard. What a bunch of bull.

Work hard play hard used to be my motto. It used to be (almost) what defined me. As 40 raps her tired knuckles against my birthday this year, I have seen a distinct change in how I operate. The little hell cat that used to go out every night after work in her 20’s (I did shift work, it was kind of OK to hit the clubs at midnight back

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Workplace balance: Avoid plodding along and overstretching in equal measure

Doing the same thing over and over is OK for some people. It is definitely not OK for others. Our motivation can wane if we constantly do work we can do easily. It makes for a less fulfilling work day. This is what workplace balance is all about. So what can you do to up the ante? Within your workplace, you can identify ways to take on extra tasks or

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Bringing the noise, hiding in work

Nobody (to my knowledge) has died because an agency or freelancer failed to deliver a campaign. No small business or non-Apple company has ever seen people suicide because a product wasn’t released on time or the wrong adjective was used in the marketing copy. The failure to have reports to prove the social media is working has not exacerbated an existing world conflict or made Ebola harder to treat. No

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