The A to Z chilling out in 2015

Forget Christmas Gift Guides. Staying stress free in 2015 is where it’s at!

That’s why the team from Hacking Happiness are looking at ways to help you stay cool, calm and collected during the party season and beyond.

Workload stress, anxiety over money and being overwhelmed by responsibility were all common problems this year. Productivity, profitability and learning are all high on the 2015 agenda.

So let’s take a stroll along the boardwalk and advance token to a stress free 2015. Or at least harnessing some fun ways to chill out!


Alexx Stuart’s Real Treats when we’re having a busy day, it can be easy to get stuck at the desk and eat crap. What we choose as our snacks can have an amazing affect on our concentration and stress levels. Now you have a real natural alternative with Real Treats.


Banish Busyness take a red pen to your diary and remove all those meetings, social media scheduling tasks, superfluous networking events and hang up on those calls you don’t need.

Business Chicks– networking should be fun, not serious. And fun doesn’t mean that women’s body parts or feminine clothing are heavily referenced.


Coconut Opener- get a beautiful dose of natural potassium and don’t let a hard shell stand in the way of you and coconut-flavoured happiness again.


Do the Work– grab a copy of Steven Pressfield’s very awesome book and discover a whole new level of motivation for your projects, products and ideas.


Education- nothing makes your brain stay more nimble and your zest for work more pronounced than good old fashioned education. Bootstrap into SEO Success, get gaga over GooglePlus, start Blogging for Business and be a profitable freelancer in 100 days. 


Friendships- networking rarely creates leads for anyone other than lawyers and accountants. Friendship is where it’s at! Attend events that capture your imagination and meet like minded people. And try creating online connections at Awe-Inspiring Australian Business, Hustle & Heart, The Freelance Jungle, and of course, Hacking Happiness.




Here with Sarah this cracking Sydney lass is tackling the big issues in her tiny Redfern yoga studio – offering yoga for people suffering from depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and for carers.


Ice-cream. Because ice-cream.


Jumping- when you’re brain’s fried and you’re feeling like you want to punch a kitten, you might as well jump (thanks David Lee Roth, for those words of wisdom). Explosive movement can elevate your mood quicker than you can strap on a pair of boxing gloves. Try it.


Kick-boxing– it’s nice to be nice but sometimes you just need to kick somebody. Enter, kick-boxing – a powerful workout for body, mind and emotions.


Life is Crafted– take your organisation to a new level with free philofaxy list downloads or the exquisite ‘Life is Crafted’ planners now.  They’re hand-packed with love.

Love yoga? Then take it beyond the superficial and use an ecologically-friendly, socially-responsible, Australian LovEarth Mat, which also has its own recycling program to reuse and redistribute non-eco-friendly PVC mats.


MoSCoW- can’t work out what needs to happen when? MoSCoW it. Put a priority on the tasks at hand that is Must do this, Should do this, Could do this if I had time, Won’t do this in the time allowed. Make sure what you need to do to keep your business humming is what gets priority.

Moelocos– Based on Tom’s philosophy of buy one, give one, your purchase of these colourful Australian flip flops means Moeloco will donate a pair of school shoes to children in need through their collaboration with the Hope Foundation.


No is not a dirty word- we’ll be teaching you how to say no and do it with style very soon. Email Rebekah for more information.


Off the Mat, Info the World is a grassroots organisation helping the helpers – change-makers, social workers, teachers and entrepreneur, through the practice of yoga. There’s far more to yoga than making your body into complicated shapes. Check them out.


Pay yourself- yes, this may sound like a given. But with 50% of all Australian women either not paying themselves or paying themselves a bare minimum, it has to be said. You can reduce stress AND increase your productivity if you pay yourself for your efforts.


Qualifying questions- practise asking the questions you need to do your work and train your clients to respond. Get a proper brief, don’t accept ASAP as a deadline, and make sure you have enough information to do what you need before you start work.


Restrictions– studies show that practising self-restraint could make you happier. This can be as simple as not reading the magazines or blogs that you know always leave you in a bad mood. You might like to try restricting your spending on things you don’t really need to invest into your business.


Self-care for the self employed- this is your timely little reminder to recognise that you are your biggest business asset. Your work is only as good as you are happy, healthy and stress free. The journey begins in Sydney. Hit us up if you want us in your town.

Shakti’s Superfood Blend this little green blend really packs a punch of nutritional goodness. Mix it with your favourite juice.


Tea- while our culture may love a great coffee meeting, the reality is coffee often over-stimulates us and add anxiety and stress. Switching to tea can certainly help. To transition in style, we recommend Rabbit Hole Organic Tea.


Unique- Your business has to be unique if you’re to stand out among the crowd. This can be as simple as highlighting your back-story, defining your niche, and sharing your philosophy (as it relates to what you do and what your target audience is looking for). Check out this free training on defining your difference to ensure you’re communicating your uniqueness.


Velvet Underground get into them. Seriously folks, where have you been?


Wild Rumpus and Work-Shop – discover new talents, take yourself away from the computer and uncover all the wonderful stress relief in creating something that’s not work related. From artisan crafts to graffiti art, these are fun places to put your curious and entrepreneurial spirits to great use.


Xero– the freelancer’s best friend, online accounting software that takes the pain out of book-keeping, which means you’re more likely to do it, which means you’re more likely to get paid. Everyone wins.


Yoga- despite the explosion of yoga accoutrements in recent years, yoga is still free and easy – it can be as simple as deliberate, aware breathing. Australia has the highest proportion of yoga teachers per capita than anywhere else, so get into it!


Zone Out- You have friends, family, a blue sky to stare at and places to be other than work. Lie in the grass and let ants crawl up your toes. Turn the moments where you forgot your umbrella into you singing at the top of your lungs in the street. Choose a cheesy film, blow off that networking event, and don’t forget to zone out once in a while. Because that’s the best gift you can give your productivity AND your stress levels. Remember, nobody wants “She was shit-hot at invoicing” written on their tombstone.


Got any you’d add? Feel free to share the love for your favourite way to chill out and remain stress free below.

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