What is happiness glorification?

Happiness glorification certainly has us all in a tizzy. We love the idea of happiness, yet so few of us define it on realistic terms.

Welcome to the golden age of smiling through everything, the universe having a reason for seemingly random events and your financial indicators somehow proving you’re indeed happy.

happiness glorificationWellness, mental health and a seemingly unobtainable benchmark of rosy cheeked happiness are big issues and big industries as everyone stretches across the great divide towards the sunny shores of daily bliss.

Happiness glorification takes many forms- from myths about the perfect mother through to success is defined by your business card and bank balance. Thousands of inspirational quotes do the rounds on social media and every day should be a day to find a reason to smile.

Or is it?

Happiness glorification forgets what it is to be happy

Happiness is in reality, a part of a spectrum of emotions we can experience at any given time. Being sad, angry, frustrated, stressed, puzzled and otherwise negative has become something we afflicted with. But this is not the true reality.

We have different emotions for a reason. We face challenges each day. We’re plagued by randomness and not every story is tied with a meaning or resolution at the end.

Life would be a hell of a lot less interesting if it was.

Here’s a few resources we’ve collected over time that may help you remove the crush of glorified happiness from your like and make you feel a whole lot better in the process:

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