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Welcome to the Hacking Happiness social change events page. Part of the goal of Hacking Happiness is to bring like-minded people together to bust what it means to be successful down to size and explore the art of true contentment. We’re bringing people together to talk about happiness, why it doesn’t measure up currently, and to reclaim it for ourselves. If this sounds like fun, pop along!

We run all kinds of social change events including:

  • Informal coffee chats
  • Video streaming events via Blab.IM
  • Face to face workshops, seminars
  • Pop up schools and clinics
  • Spunky little hacking happiness creative events to get you inspired

Check out the meetup page and stay tuned for all kinds of educational meetups, fun stuff and exploratory discussions in Sydney, Wollongong and online. These social change events are designed to get you thinking, acting and connecting with others of the same ilk.

Hacking Happiness social change events are great for:

  • Getting a little clarity when clarity seems to be a little elusive
  • Inspiring creativity, promoting healing, smashing cynicism
  • Learning and fixing stuff
  • Finding the balance between happiness and reality
  • Shaking off the negativity and helplessness that can often accompany wanting to make lasting change

Our hacking happiness events cater to all kinds of people across all kinds of demographics.

We dig social responsibility, business, B corporations, making a positive change on a community level, creativity, passion and deep thinking. We challenge the idea of gender roles, “it’s just the way it is” thinking, happiness glorification, and the idea that people have to be in pain or permanently happy to succeed in life.

Through our social change events, we want to help you find your own version of what it means to be happy without having to part with insanely large amounts of money, grade up some invented scale, or sacrifice the wonderfully imperfect person you are.

Is your boat floated now? Check our hacking happiness social change events on Meetup and register for a little special time with us now. 








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