Tired of the “don’t worry, be happy” mantra?

get hacking with hacking happiness

Happiness myths are a billion dollar industry. Somewhere along the line, someone decided happiness was a one-size-fits-all concept. And that it was a neat package for sale with a few simple clicks.

Busyness glorification. Cult celebrity business people.  Happiness in a self-help manual. These are the tempting morsels on the happiness menu today.

Yet happiness doesn’t have to be something that shows you in perpetual motion. Or as the most popular person in town.

We’re guessing you understand that, which is why you’re here.

Happiness myths feed our unhappiness

Hacking Happiness aims to challenge popular assumptions about happiness, clarity, self-esteem and purpose.

The focus is on busting one of the greatest myths of our time- that you need to be the ultimate career success to be happy.

Hacking Happiness is about empowering you to take care of your own mental and emotional fitness. It’s about fostering greater self-awareness, insight and compassion.

Hacking Happiness is about inspiring you to have the courage to say no as opposed to squeeze another 17 minutes out of an already packed day.

Or choosing life goals that make you feel great about yourself without needing the cheer squad of peer approval.

It’s about helping you to tackle the problems you face, and inspiring you to keep going when the going gets tough.

And living the life you want to live through enjoying your career without making it the only thing you have.

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