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Spotting a decent business workshop in a crowded market

Welcome to 2015. Every freelancer, their dog, neighbour across the road and guy who delivers toilet paper (go who gives a crap!) has a great idea for a business workshop. As the individual who is investing your hard earned cash into your education (not to mention the time taken away from your business), how do you know you should choose one business workshop over another? Well, you don’t. Until you get there

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Self-care for the self-employed and the double-edged sword of popularity

It was over a year and a half ago that I approached Brook with a kernel of an idea. That idea was to help some of my clients who were feeling the pinch of stress and long hours. I saw a genuine need for self-care for the self-employed. I could see through the Freelance Jungle countless of freelancers, small business owners and solopreneurs who were struggling. Many came with the

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How to say no without the blush and the guilt

Make no bones about it, saying no sucks. How to say no can be one of the hardest lessons to learn, especially when it is something we didn’t learn when we were young. We worry about the opportunities we’ll miss out on. We loathe saying no to any opportunities in case it is the last one we’ll receive. Other times, we doubt our reasons for declining. We wonder if we

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Swapping the jailers: In business for yourself

  Under the weighty crush of life in a busy workplace, many of us look at the world outside and wonder – “is there something better than this?” From the customers you can’t fire to the snarky, mean spirited cow in the corner who appears to take a perverse joy in ruining your day, here you are. You are doing stuff you don’t like while having the same conversations over

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Social Change Events

Welcome to the Hacking Happiness social change events page. Part of the goal of Hacking Happiness is to bring like-minded people together to bust what it means to be successful down to size and explore the art of true contentment. We’re bringing people together to talk about happiness, why it doesn’t measure up currently, and to reclaim it for ourselves. If this sounds like fun, pop along! We run all

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