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Why do women in business avoid paying themselves?

What is success for women in business if it isn’t being able to make enough money to make a livelihood? Yet why do women in business avoid paying themselves for their work? It’s a puzzling notion that women who run small businesses, startups and bootstrap their blogs into communities aren’t taking the time to give themselves a living wage. After all, isn’t the whole idea behind work and having a

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Swapping the jailers: In business for yourself

  Under the weighty crush of life in a busy workplace, many of us look at the world outside and wonder – “is there something better than this?” From the customers you can’t fire to the snarky, mean spirited cow in the corner who appears to take a perverse joy in ruining your day, here you are. You are doing stuff you don’t like while having the same conversations over

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The best time for business is when it all blows up

The best time for business is when it all blows up The hair on the back of my neck is standing up. My jaw is clenched. My wrists are on fire from typing. The cup of tea and slice of toast I ate is sliding precariously on a wave of nausea. My standard safety net has abandoned me and my twitching eye stands as a stark reminder of the stress

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Business cult celebrities and marketing latte appreciation

It’s so cool to be in business for yourself right now, you need a coat just to protect yourself from the internet’s wind chill factor.  And being in marketing as a solopreneur is the new hip. The marketing of the latte appreciation society is a term I coined to describe people who spend an awful lot of time selling workshops on how to do marketing while spending a lot of

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The line between business you and your creative pursuits

How many times do you hear about people who choose a certain job in order to balance their creative ventures? And how many of them end up in the shifting sands of business and lose the time they hoped they would have gained? Should you let your dream winnow down into nothingness for the sake of self preservation of the financial kind? Surely there has to be a balance, right?

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8 happiness myths we need to leave behind

  Let’s discover the 8 happiness myths we need to leave behind. And how Hacking Happiness aims to help you do just that! 1)      Doing more than cope with work related stress Stress isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it helps up reach out and stretch ourselves. It’s part of who we are for a very real and useful reason. There’s a few happiness myths related to stress and how we

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