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Want to be better at work? Seek out grounding experiences

You can always recognise a freelancer, small business owner or office worker who doesn’t have an awful lot going on outside work. They’re often too serious about the work. They also have higher levels of stress and are more difficult to work with. Work may be too high a priority as other things fall by the wayside. Their perspective becomes skewed. Work becomes far more valuable to identity than it ought

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Work related suicide in Australia

You commit to work for financial reward and the satisfaction of a job well done. Yet it’s estimated 1 in 5 Australians who suicide do so because of their working environment according to Suicide Prevention Australia. How can we possibly be making people so miserable at work that suicide seems like the only option? And what can we do to lower such scary statistics? Work related suicide: a snap shot Nationally,

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Looking for a working life with meaning

When seeking happiness in our working life, it’s easy to be swept up in the culture of passionate employment. To look at the memes about working hard and believing in your dreams and that’s it- success assured. Yet most Australian workers enjoy far less flexibility, financial incentive and freedom than what the idea of passionate employment allows for. Our relationship with work is changing. We are asking more of work than

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Do what you love: the enemy of self-care?

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” they cry. From the online memes to the seminar halls, our fractured marriage with working life has an alleged cure. If only we could find that one true working love. That passion project that can sustain us is waiting in the fields of happiness. It’s blossoming without us, just waiting to be plucked. But what if I told

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Getting undone by your own ambition in the brave you world

The web is amazing. Its gives us the ability to self publish. It’s made our abilities and our talents visible through blogs and websites. Through social media, we can reach out to almost anyone. We can create a following. And be someone inspiring to a total stranger. But we’re also seeing a negative side to this. Where the world was a frontier and the enabled could move, we’ve shifted the goal posts.

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Confusing a life for a product is dangerous

It’s trendy to sell the idea of the life you lead instead a product. Business coaches, bloggers, wantpreneurs- they often frame their business experience as “this is what I did and you can do it to.” There are people who don’t know what they want buying the idea of a life in lieu of a business. Instead, they’re buying the idea of being entrepreneurial by following this lead. It’s infectious. It’s quite flattering to

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