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Bringing the noise, hiding in work

Nobody (to my knowledge) has died because an agency or freelancer failed to deliver a campaign. No small business or non-Apple company has ever seen people suicide because a product wasn’t released on time or the wrong adjective was used in the marketing copy. The failure to have reports to prove the social media is working has not exacerbated an existing world conflict or made Ebola harder to treat. No

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The science of happiness: Gratitude

Psychological research reveals that your happiness level has little to do with your external circumstances over the long-term. The job promotion or lottery win – as well as the divorce or breakdown – won’t leave you any more or less happy than you were beforehand, after about three to six months. But there is an exception. Gratitude has received considerable attention in psychological research, which shows that the regular practice

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The Busyness Curse: Are you busy or are you faking it?

Busyness in business is becoming increasingly popular. We’ve defined ourselves so much by productivity, we’re even putting our physical and mental health at risk. But under that cloak of activity can lie a deeper problem. And that problem is confusing having things to do with the things we should actually be putting our energy into. Here’s a guide to seeing if you are actually busy or if you are being

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Business cult celebrities and marketing latte appreciation

It’s so cool to be in business for yourself right now, you need a coat just to protect yourself from the internet’s wind chill factor.  And being in marketing as a solopreneur is the new hip. The marketing of the latte appreciation society is a term I coined to describe people who spend an awful lot of time selling workshops on how to do marketing while spending a lot of

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8 happiness myths we need to leave behind

  Let’s discover the 8 happiness myths we need to leave behind. And how Hacking Happiness aims to help you do just that! 1)      Doing more than cope with work related stress Stress isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it helps up reach out and stretch ourselves. It’s part of who we are for a very real and useful reason. There’s a few happiness myths related to stress and how we

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