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Discover the art of finishing

  Before I discovered the art of finishing, I realised I didn’t value weekends. I wasn’t taking holidays. I mean real holidays where the laptop gathers dust and life gets your proper attention. Being someone who loves creating in the digital space, I found my laptop was like a cigarette. I didn’t want it anymore and the fun had gone away. But there I was, day after day, chasing some

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Want to be better at work? Seek out grounding experiences

You can always recognise a freelancer, small business owner or office worker who doesn’t have an awful lot going on outside work. They’re often too serious about the work. They also have higher levels of stress and are more difficult to work with. Work may be too high a priority as other things fall by the wayside. Their perspective becomes skewed. Work becomes far more valuable to identity than it ought

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Looking for a working life with meaning

When seeking happiness in our working life, it’s easy to be swept up in the culture of passionate employment. To look at the memes about working hard and believing in your dreams and that’s it- success assured. Yet most Australian workers enjoy far less flexibility, financial incentive and freedom than what the idea of passionate employment allows for. Our relationship with work is changing. We are asking more of work than

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Productivity articles and other forms of self-inflicted stress

Sometimes it feels as though the minute we start creating, the world gets in the way. But have you ever wondered how much self-inflicted stress you’re soaking up? How many productivity articles or fancy new ideas might be tripping you up? What we do to ourselves sometimes in the name of career, entrepreneurship and work is counter-intuitive to getting the job done. There’s that desire to make money or a

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Productivity articles minus the dawn wakeup call? Yes, it can be done

Have you noticed every second productivity article wants you bouncing out of bed at 5am? Early mornings are great for getting things done.  However, not everyone is designed for the early morning wake up. Some of us don’t have the lives where a 5am wake up is possible due to family, work commitments and our own natural biorhythms. I know I don’t. Years of working evening and night shift taught me a

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When you suck at taking days off

There’s a big part of me that dreams of weekends, holidays and furloughs. Today (apparently) is the first day of taking days off. I’ve chosen to take 3 days off in front of a weekend. It’ll be the longest break I have had since moving house and the longest non-committal break in 3 years. Yet here I am. I am once again back at the computer and writing. Because ladies

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