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The beauty of uncomfortable conversations

Part of the mandate of Hacking Happiness is to tackle uncomfortable conversations. To take those topics we shy away from and give them a squeeze, an airing, a place to breathe. It’s difficult at times to describe why uncomfortable conversations are so important. And why they are so necessary. But their value is immeasurable. Here is an exploration of the idea of uncomfortable conversations and the beauty within What are

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Damn you and your online happiness

Online happiness is difficult for many of us to swallow. That person with the picture perfect life. That old friend who seems to have all the Twitter luck. The Facebook relative who gently taps away at the foundations of what you thought you had. All by simply by being there in front of you. Ah social media, why do you get everyone’s knickers in a twist? From conspiracies about the

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Is it OK to tell people to harden up?

Commentary on social media, news articles and forums is always problematic. You’ve got people who are invested in loving or hating the content delivery agent. Topics of all kinds get people more than a little hot under the collar. And of course you’ve got trolls, personal bias and the odd drunkard to contend with. But increasingly, there is one phrase that is spilling into conversations online that is problematic. And it

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Productivity articles and other forms of self-inflicted stress

Sometimes it feels as though the minute we start creating, the world gets in the way. But have you ever wondered how much self-inflicted stress you’re soaking up? How many productivity articles or fancy new ideas might be tripping you up? What we do to ourselves sometimes in the name of career, entrepreneurship and work is counter-intuitive to getting the job done. There’s that desire to make money or a

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Screw perfection: Have the courage to love your own garbage

Messy, tacky and awkward is pretty much how we could sum up life. Yet how many of us are brave enough to acknowledge this fact? What if we held aloft a magic sword and screamed to the midday sun: “Screw perfection! I’m out. You’re unobtainable. Take a hike, you tantalisingly unrealistic bastard.”  The pursuit of perfection drives us to some pretty dark places. It takes us away from the jobs

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Productivity articles minus the dawn wakeup call? Yes, it can be done

Have you noticed every second productivity article wants you bouncing out of bed at 5am? Early mornings are great for getting things done.  However, not everyone is designed for the early morning wake up. Some of us don’t have the lives where a 5am wake up is possible due to family, work commitments and our own natural biorhythms. I know I don’t. Years of working evening and night shift taught me a

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