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Discover the art of finishing

  Before I discovered the art of finishing, I realised I didn’t value weekends. I wasn’t taking holidays. I mean real holidays where the laptop gathers dust and life gets your proper attention. Being someone who loves creating in the digital space, I found my laptop was like a cigarette. I didn’t want it anymore and the fun had gone away. But there I was, day after day, chasing some

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How to deal with work related apathy

Work related apathy is a normal and natural part of our working existence. No matter how much you like working, no one is immune from work related apathy. Where it becomes problematic is when we ignore work related apathy and the warning signs. When we push through the feeling of not wanting to, we may get into a groove later. It’s still not something we should take for granted. When you work for

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Damn you and your online happiness

Online happiness is difficult for many of us to swallow. That person with the picture perfect life. That old friend who seems to have all the Twitter luck. The Facebook relative who gently taps away at the foundations of what you thought you had. All by simply by being there in front of you. Ah social media, why do you get everyone’s knickers in a twist? From conspiracies about the

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Do what you love: the enemy of self-care?

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” they cry. From the online memes to the seminar halls, our fractured marriage with working life has an alleged cure. If only we could find that one true working love. That passion project that can sustain us is waiting in the fields of happiness. It’s blossoming without us, just waiting to be plucked. But what if I told

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Analysis paralysis and the melancholy of choice

Analysis paralysis is becoming a real problem. We’re so taken with opportunity, we fear making a choice. Losing what may be in favour of what you choose can start to hurt. It breeds melancholia. And it eventually takes that plethora of choice away. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Humans are not designed to cope with more than 4 options at any given time. Yet we crave choice.

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Don’t get run over by New Year’s resolutions

There’s trip hop playing in the background. Cockatoos are complaining loudly about their feathers receiving a drenching. Social media is full of pithy memes and crying faces as many Australians head back to work after the holidays. The bigger, faster, louder clan who have their plans. There are the ones who will conquer the lessons of last year and make their mark. In amongst that, is the gripping reluctance to recognise

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