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Understanding the behaviours scarcity mindset attracts

Marketing and business wouldn’t be where they are without scarcity mindset. It’s our “buy now!” moments in life that get the sales humming. This in itself isn’t all bad. Scarcity mindset may be powerful in terms of marketing, but it can also be difficult to switch off from and become a pervasive drive. This drive can influence behaviours and decisions in a seriously negative way. Let’s take a look at

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When the festive season is not festive for some

While many of us may be bracing ourselves for hot weather or Great Aunt Jessica’s sharp cactus tongue, some people face a festive season that is far scarier. Unfortunately, Christmas and New Year is a hard time for many people. It’s a time where the grief and loss of a family member can be the hardest to take. It also comes with added financial pressures and can be a time

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When your mind fights against you: The mind on migraines

As someone who spends a stupid amount of time dealing with migraines, I have also done an amazing amount of reading and study on the subject. Most of it has to help get rid of the problem, to prevent triggers and so on. But ever curious, I have also looked at the notable stories around the problem. One such story is that Lewis Carroll was plagued with migraines. In the

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Work related suicide in Australia

You commit to work for financial reward and the satisfaction of a job well done. Yet it’s estimated 1 in 5 Australians who suicide do so because of their working environment according to Suicide Prevention Australia. How can we possibly be making people so miserable at work that suicide seems like the only option? And what can we do to lower such scary statistics? Work related suicide: a snap shot Nationally,

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Is it OK to tell people to harden up?

Commentary on social media, news articles and forums is always problematic. You’ve got people who are invested in loving or hating the content delivery agent. Topics of all kinds get people more than a little hot under the collar. And of course you’ve got trolls, personal bias and the odd drunkard to contend with. But increasingly, there is one phrase that is spilling into conversations online that is problematic. And it

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Do what you love: the enemy of self-care?

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” they cry. From the online memes to the seminar halls, our fractured marriage with working life has an alleged cure. If only we could find that one true working love. That passion project that can sustain us is waiting in the fields of happiness. It’s blossoming without us, just waiting to be plucked. But what if I told

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