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Avoid the line. Jump the gap. Get motivated now.

Huddling together under the safe little umbrella of group think doesn’t make your creative business idea stand out in the crowded marketplace. Those peers aren’t your customers. They have a vested interest in making you just one little penguin in a sea of black and white. Stop playing the game Pull out your pens and plan your actions. Do more than plan. Scribble. Ask why. Dig deep. Get angry at

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The line between business you and your creative pursuits

How many times do you hear about people who choose a certain job in order to balance their creative ventures? And how many of them end up in the shifting sands of business and lose the time they hoped they would have gained? Should you let your dream winnow down into nothingness for the sake of self preservation of the financial kind? Surely there has to be a balance, right?

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