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Screw perfection: Have the courage to love your own garbage

Messy, tacky and awkward is pretty much how we could sum up life. Yet how many of us are brave enough to acknowledge this fact? What if we held aloft a magic sword and screamed to the midday sun: “Screw perfection! I’m out. You’re unobtainable. Take a hike, you tantalisingly unrealistic bastard.”  The pursuit of perfection drives us to some pretty dark places. It takes us away from the jobs

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Imposter syndrome: Another way of saying this isn’t exactly rocket science?

Social scientists defined Imposter Syndrome in the 1970’s. It referred to that dreadfully unnerving feeling of being unable to internalise success. Some of us have a difficult time accepting our accomplishments. Some to the point where we feel fraudulent. Imposter Syndrome has been linked to the self doubt of high achievers. It’s found itself nestling in the bosom of shame. But no matter where it resides, it comes from the eerie feeling

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How to say no without the blush and the guilt

Make no bones about it, saying no sucks. How to say no can be one of the hardest lessons to learn, especially when it is something we didn’t learn when we were young. We worry about the opportunities we’ll miss out on. We loathe saying no to any opportunities in case it is the last one we’ll receive. Other times, we doubt our reasons for declining. We wonder if we

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Shaking off the shackles of the creative blues

There is a gift and a curse with being a creative person. It’s called the creative blues. You feel that sense of wanting to move forward so keenly you simply can’t sit still. You are always looking for the next victory, the next thing to stimulate you. Your head is constantly whirring and trying to make sense of the world. Such is the challenge of the  creative blues. There’s always the

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The art of exploring an idea

  So here’s me, sitting in a cafe by the beach in Bulli, watching the rain smash down from the sky into the crushing waves below. I’m listening to the sound of milk bubbling through under the barista’s watchful gaze, keenly aware of the sounds of voices mixing with TV and the clinking of plates. To the people of this gorgeous little suburb, I am probably some twat on a

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7 ways to spot if your business idea sucks

  You’ve realised you want to swap the jailers. And perhaps the online business idea incubator is tickling your fancy. But what else can you do before you make that all important investment in your entrepreneurial future? Run this little checklist!  The aim of the game is to move away from the kind of thinking that impedes an ideas growth and get you ready for the hard yards ahead. Ready?

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