Business Clinic

Any business, large or small, can face challenging times team-wise. Whether you’ve been under stress for a while or you’ve got cracks in the team that are starting to show, it’s not an ideal situation to be in.

That’s where The Hacking Happiness Business Clinic comes in.

Hacking Happiness Business Clinic

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The Hacking Happiness Clinic is designed with your ailing business team in mind. We take a strength-based approach to addressing the issues you may have in the office. We can create a program that helps rejuvenate productivity and remind your team of their abilities. Tailored to your business, The Hacking Happiness Business Clinic reinvigorates co-operation and autonomy. It fosters and further develops the sense of achievement vital to employee success.

Here is how it works:

  • Reviewing your current productivity levels to identify areas of improvement
  • Immersing ourselves in your cultureto glean information from an employee perspective
  • Streamlining areas that may be creating bottlenecks for work such as project workflow
  • Restructuring common time sinkholes such as meetings, coffees and superfluous internal communication
  • Looking for improvements inconflict resolution Identifying ways to re-engage disengaged employees
  • Identifying ways to re-engage disengaged employees
  • Addressing common issues such as overwork, over-investment and burn out
  • Checking out the emotional health of your management style and the managers
  • Encouraging a career mindset and pride in the work day to day and in the long term
  • Injecting fun, collaboration and autonomy back into the working day
  • Introducing goals that the team can get behind and work towards individually and as collaborators
  • Creating a culture based on resilience

As the Hacking Happiness Business Clinics are customised, you can choose as little or as much outside assistance as you need.

We can research and build a strategy for strength-based stress reduction and productivity enhancement. This strategy can then be activated by your human resources department.

Or you can receive help to put in place a long term strategy with training and support for your existing staff.

You can also opt to have team-based activation days at regular intervals. These centre on team wellness and cooperation in a social environment and are a great refresher point.

Whatever you need, we can tailor a program to suit.

What sorts of things are involved in The Hacking Happiness Business Clinic?

The best changes come from self-awareness and the desire for change. That’s why each Hacking Happiness Business Clinic relies on open and frank discussions. As an organisation, you’ll want to share the challenges your business is currently facing. It requires the ability to take feedback and potential criticism to build a proper action plan. You have to have a genuine desire to act on this information and insight.

To build your Clinic, this may require face to face interviews with key staff. It could mean research and access to vital statistics such as workflow, productivity, and time spent at work and so on.

After conducting the research a plan is developed to help rejuvenate your team. This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Tailored workshops on particular areas of improvement for learning and discussion
  • Conducting unconference style event days. The team identifies topics on their own areas of improvement and learn from each other
  • Participating in team building and wellness activities such as sport, yoga, creative classes and more
  • Puppy therapy for the stressed out team. Trust us, it works!
  • Creating volunteer programs to help promote a sense of connectivity with the wider community
  • Working with your team for an extended period of time to break habits and processes ingrained in the working culture
  • Educating your team about resilience and how to foster it in their working lives
  • Training on overcoming customer objections and learned detachment
  • Developing referral plans for further services (including things such as counselling and meditation)

The possibilities are endless. Each Hacking Happiness Business Clinic caters to the size of your team, the team’s challenges and your goals in mind.

Curious? Drop Rebekah an email now via Bek @ hackinghappiness dot com dot au  or the Contact Page and let’s get your team working towards a stress-free and resilient approach to their working lives.