What the heck is Hacking Happiness?

about hacking happinessEvery single day, we’re greeted with ways to increase happiness. It’s a bombardment of inspirational quotes and positive affirmations. Expensive courses on life coaching and ‘life by design’. Pop psychology and snippets of the Oprah life litter social media and our friend’s advice.

What it means to be happy, productive and successful permeates the media and the every day. There’s a growing call to be happy at any costs in modern Western society.

And yet, anxiety, depression and suicide are on the rise.

Many of us walk around in a daze of low-level anxiety and melancholia, wondering “is this all there is?”

The elusive ‘work life balance’ is the promised nirvana that so many of us.  Over-worked and always on, we neglect our own peace and mental health in favour of keeping up.


So where does the problem lie?

The meaning of success has been hi-jacked by the notion of hyper-activity. To succeed is to be at the top of your game. The desire to kick all the goals and be the most notable person in a room persuades us life’s meaning is derived from work. Constantly striving to progress our careers and make all the right moves has become the norm.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Hacking Happiness believes the glorification of happiness makes the majority of us feel at odds with the world.

Chasing the chance to be the next big business celebrity is stealing joy from the every day.

So many of us are trying to find happiness, we’ve forgotten what it is. Or we’ve forgotten that fame, success and what our boss says about us is a poor substitute for actual contentment.

That’s why we’re hacking happiness. We’re stealing it back from the gurus and bringing it home to reality.

And we’re losing a lot of myth, marketing spin and malaise in the process.

Join us for the journey. Who knows? You may even become happier.*

* No guarantees.