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For cynical optimists everywhere

This isn’t a place for you to get a printable to remind to “hang in there, kitty”. It’s not the place where pop psychology or what the latest celebrity eats for breakfast is going to be a cure-all.

And it’s definitely not the place you’ll find all the answers you seek in life.

Stress and overwork have a cost to your productivity. 

Hacking Happiness is about remembering to enjoy the simple things. Remove the pressure from your professional career and entrepreneurial endeavours by keeping perspective. Learn to enjoy what you do again. 

And come to Hacking Happiness for your regular reminder that giving work the respect it deserves doesn’t mean giving it all you all the time. 

The latest from the Hacking Happiness blog

Looking for a working life with meaning

When seeking happiness in our working life, it’s easy to be swept up in the culture of passionate employment. To look at the memes about working hard and believing in your dreams and that’s it- success assured. Yet most Australian workers enjoy far less flexibility, financial incentive and freedom than what the idea of passionate employment allows for. Our relationship with work is changing. We are asking more of work than

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4 simple ways to reduce stress

You can understand why stress reduction is such a hot topic. Stress is difficult to deal with. It can sap your energy and make you doubt yourself. Left unchecked for an extended period, it can cause you to feel anxious, fatigued and drained. And even invite physical and mental ill-health. But you might not always be able to walk away from a stressful situation. But you can experiment with techniques

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Is it OK to tell people to harden up?

Commentary on social media, news articles and forums is always problematic. You’ve got people who are invested in loving or hating the content delivery agent. Topics of all kinds get people more than a little hot under the collar. And of course you’ve got trolls, personal bias and the odd drunkard to contend with. But increasingly, there is one phrase that is spilling into conversations online that is problematic. And it

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Do what you love: the enemy of self-care?

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” they cry. From the online memes to the seminar halls, our fractured marriage with working life has an alleged cure. If only we could find that one true working love. That passion project that can sustain us is waiting in the fields of happiness. It’s blossoming without us, just waiting to be plucked. But what if I told

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Is Hacking Happiness for you?

Hacking Happiness is busting the myths around what it means to be successful and prosperous. 

But it’s the middle road alternative.  

You won’t become the next business celebrity through hustling yourself into the ground. But you won’t abandon reason in favour of living in a happy little bubble when it all gets too much, either.

Hacking Happiness is about:

·         Reducing your stress through practical advice and action

·         Removing the myths that keep us in denial and unhappy

·         Promoting productivity that’s based on efficiency and recognising your limits in equal measure

·         Discovering the happiness within contentment and enjoying the life you lead 

So what are you waiting for? 

If you’re sick of flash in the pan gurus and 3 step advice that leaves you feeling worse, jump on the Hacking Happiness train! 

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