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Hacking Happiness is busting the myths around what it means to be successful and prosperous. 

If you choose Hacking Happiness, you won’t become the next business celebrity through hustling yourself into the ground. But you won’t abandon reason in favour of living in a happy little bubble when it all gets too much, either.

Hacking Happiness is about:

·         Reducing your stress through practical advice and action

·         Removing the myths that keep us in denial and unhappy

·         Promoting productivity that’s based on efficiency and recognising your limits in equal measure

·         Fostering contentment in the things we do in life

So what are you waiting for? 

If you’re sick of flash in the pan gurus and 3 step advice that leaves you feeling worse, jump on the Hacking Happiness train! 

The latest from the Hacking Happiness blog

Discover the art of finishing

  Before I discovered the art of finishing, I realised I didn’t value weekends. I wasn’t taking holidays. I mean real holidays where the laptop gathers dust and life gets your proper attention. Being someone who loves creating in the digital space, I found my laptop was like a cigarette. I didn’t want it anymore and the fun had gone away. But there I was, day after day, chasing some

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When the festive season is not festive for some

While many of us may be bracing ourselves for hot weather or Great Aunt Jessica’s sharp cactus tongue, some people face a festive season that is far scarier. Unfortunately, Christmas and New Year is a hard time for many people. It’s a time where the grief and loss of a family member can be the hardest to take. It also comes with added financial pressures and can be a time

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When your mind fights against you: The mind on migraines

As someone who spends a stupid amount of time dealing with migraines, I have also done an amazing amount of reading and study on the subject. Most of it has to help get rid of the problem, to prevent triggers and so on. But ever curious, I have also looked at the notable stories around the problem. One such story is that Lewis Carroll was plagued with migraines. In the

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The beauty of uncomfortable conversations

Part of the mandate of Hacking Happiness is to tackle uncomfortable conversations. To take those topics we shy away from and give them a squeeze, an airing, a place to breathe. It’s difficult at times to describe why uncomfortable conversations are so important. And why they are so necessary. But their value is immeasurable. Here is an exploration of the idea of uncomfortable conversations and the beauty within What are

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