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Hacking Happiness is busting the myths around what it means to be successful and prosperous. 

If you choose Hacking Happiness, you won’t become the next business celebrity through hustling yourself into the ground. But you won’t abandon reason in favour of living in a happy little bubble when it all gets too much, either.

Hacking Happiness is about:

·         Reducing your stress through practical advice and action

·         Removing the myths that keep us in denial and unhappy

·         Promoting productivity that’s based on efficiency and recognising your limits in equal measure

·         Fostering contentment in the things we do in life

So what are you waiting for? 

If you’re sick of flash in the pan gurus and 3 step advice that leaves you feeling worse, jump on the Hacking Happiness train! 

The latest from the Hacking Happiness blog

Yesterday the world lost Chris Cornell to an apparent suicide. I was of the era where grunge was at its height and Soundgarden was a defining band for me during university. I feel the loss of the man and the music keenly, as I think most of Generation X will. To hear the news that it may be a possible suicide is confronting and painful. As someone that has lost

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Understanding the behaviours scarcity mindset attracts

Marketing and business wouldn’t be where they are without scarcity mindset. It’s our “buy now!” moments in life that get the sales humming. This in itself isn’t all bad. Scarcity mindset may be powerful in terms of marketing, but it can also be difficult to switch off from and become a pervasive drive. This drive can influence behaviours and decisions in a seriously negative way. Let’s take a look at

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Taking freelance challenges to the stage at Vivid Ideas 2017

In 2015, Hacking Happiness took ‘the myth of worklife balance in a get ahead culture’ to the stage at Vivid Ideas. We were atop the city with a glorious view with the likes of Beyond Blue, Gen Baijan from the University of Sydney, Sarah de Graaf from the Mind and Movement Centre and of course, Hacking Happiness. A lot has changed yet remained the same in that time. Rebekah is

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Discover the art of finishing

  Before I discovered the art of finishing, I realised I didn’t value weekends. I wasn’t taking holidays. I mean real holidays where the laptop gathers dust and life gets your proper attention. Being someone who loves creating in the digital space, I found my laptop was like a cigarette. I didn’t want it anymore and the fun had gone away. But there I was, day after day, chasing some

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